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Post Covid

So we have our first guests at Bryn Mair since lock down. Yay!!

They had booked before lock down so it was great that they didn't have to move or cancel their booking like so many of our guests did, and luckily most of our guests rearranged their stay to later in the year or a straight swap for the same dates next year. I'm sure refunding would have been a nightmare for our booking agent, Lounge Holidays.

Sean, the kids and I went to stay at Bryn Mair as soon as we were able to go. We really didn't know what to expect when we got there. As 'head gardener' I had a lot of gardening to get done in the 3 days we were there. This proved quite controversial though! I went in hard and pulled up what I considered to be weeds, but Sean thought were nice looking lily pad type leaves. Who knows what they were, but they're no longer there in abundance like they were, and we're still married. So result!

Sean replaced a couple of window panes to try and resolve some condensation issues in the bedroom and then scared me witless by going up the ladder to put some sealant round another window.

My biggest fear was that a family of mice would have moved in and made their home in the sofas. Thankfully this didn't happen and the only unwanted guests were a house full of spiders and their cobwebs.

Despite all of the work we had to get done, we had a lovely weekend. We managed to get to the beach and Sean finally got to try out his kayak, which he has decided is a lot of work and on top of that he didn't catch any fish! So we spent a good hour or so in the hot tub that evening looking on eBay for a luxury yacht. eBay is amazing! There is nothing you can't get on there. Unfortunately I don't think we will be getting a yacht any time soon! Maybe a dingy?

I have mixed emotions when I see that Bryn Mair is booked now until September. It means that there will be lots of people going to stay in our beautiful home and enjoying all it, and Barmouth have to offer. We love Bryn Mair. The views, the house, the location, Barmouth as a whole. It is truly wonderful and we are so lucky to be able to share it. But I also worry like mad that guests will have everything they need and want. I hope they have a good stay. I hope that nothing goes wrong for them. Have I considered all of their needs? Will anything break or leak? will guests break anything? Will they know how to work things? Will they upset our lovely neighbour? The worry list is endless! But with time and experience I hope I will worry a bit less. We have a great cleaner and agent who let us know guest feedback, which always makes up for the stress!

On that note, feedback is fantastic for any business especially small businesses, and we encourage guests to review Bryn Mair. If you have stayed at Bryn Mair, please leave us a review. If something hasn't met up to your expectations, please get in touch so we can try and resolve it for you. We really do want you to have a great stay!

Until next time.

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